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Modern weddings for creative couples.

Our weddings take an unusual and surprising location, Disappearing Dining Club’s great food, drink and dinner party know-how, and a straightforward and collaborative approach to a day we want you to remember and enjoy.

We’ve hosted weddings on film sets, in photo studios, on boats, in 18th Century houses, on rooftops, in bombed out churches, in grand cathedrals, under railway arches, in art galleries and all kinds of warehouse and event space.

There are no set packages, no menus A, B or C, and no hidden costs. We can help you with food, drinks, music, lighting, décor, furniture, flowers & photographers.  You can use our spaces, or we can work in a space that you've already found.  It's all about giving you what you want to a budget that works.

Use the button to the right have a look at the DDC Wedding pack and get in touch using the details below. 

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