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Dinner at Yours

DDC comes to your place.

DDC can open a restaurant pretty much anywhere, including your home. If dinner in an East London warehouse doesn't appeal, then don't be alarmed.  DDC can come to you.

We try and keep things as simple as possible.  Firstly we'll come by your place and check out the kitchen and dining space we've got to play with, and have a chat about the food you'd like to eat.  Between us we'll talk through what furniture, service ware, glassware we need to bring with us, and can even help with moving things around and out the way if you need to create a bit more room for your guests.

There are limited drinks included in the menu, but we can add more for you, or you can source your own for our staff to serve.

Have a look at the menu suggestions and get in touch.

Great DDC food, drink and service at home

Friendly staff and a menu written just for you
Dinner at Yours Sample Menu 100
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Dinner at Yours Sample Menu 150
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Dinner at Yours Sample Menu 200
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