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DDC Gift Cards

Feed your friends 

Treat your friends to dinner at any of our dinners or parties.  The beautifully printed DDC Gift Cards (letterpressed AND lasercut, for those that want to know) can be loaded with cash amounts, that can then be spent at Back in 5 Minutes, Dinner Dances, Town House, our Summer Picnics or any other DDC hosted dinner party inside or outside of London.

To buy one for a friend is simple, just give us a call or drop us a line.  We load up the cards to an agreed value, and send them (by guaranteed delivery) to you or to your guest.  Your guest just needs to book themselves into whatever DDC party they want to come along to, and spend the money.  Easy.

Birthdays.  Thank yous.  Farewells.  Treats.

DDC Gift Cards / Use at any DDC dinner or party
Can be for any amount / Use within 12 months
Guests must book in advance

Treat your friends to a night with DDC

Can be used at any DDC dinner or party